A freebie page from my new TPT unit!

Sight Word Sillies

Hope you all are having a great weekend!  Here’s a page from my new TPT package called Sight Word Sillies.  Each page has a joke for the student’s to answer.  The page has a small word bank that includes some sight words.  There is a place to draw a picture.  The students solve the joke by circling letters at the bottom of the page.  They are told to circle the second, third or fourth letters so they also get to benefit by practicing their ordinal numbers!  There are 20 worksheets in this pack.  Click on the link above for the download.  Enjoy your free page! 

Still here!

Wow!  It’s been a long time since I posted!  As always, school started and I have been completely and totally busy (and worn out!).   In addition to teaching 1st grade, I have 2 active young boys (8 & 11) and I am working on my Masters degree.  Never a dull moment!

A few pictures of my classroom:

Anyway, some highlights from the year so far:

1) Finally figuring out a good rotation schedule & iPad schedule!  I have 4 reading groups that I meet with each day.  My rotations are very loosely modeled after the Daily Five.  While I am reading with a group, another group is doing RTS/LTR (read to self or listen to reading), another group is doing word work centers (I’ve been using monthly Literacy Center Menus by Sarah Paul on TPT.  –such a time saver!) and another group is doing word work bags which are just miscellaneous centers that I’ve put in hanging bags (they are often ones that allow them to work with a partner which they love!).  Before each rotation, I announce what each group is doing a put cards up in the pocket chart.  The iPad rotation is also happening at the same time.  That means they are missing time from something else, but it’s not long.  On the same chart, I put the names of the students who are in line for the iPad.  Each student gets 6 minutes (timer is set) and then an extra 1 minute (timer is set) to finish up.  They are currently using the Teach Me 1st Grade app so the extra minute gives them time to spend their coins.  This rotation allows each student to rotate through our 2 classroom iPads each day.

2) Collaborative Classroom Charts!  This year there is another 1st grade teacher and so we decided to work together on some apple word problems.  It was so much fun!  I’ll try to add pictures later.  Each class worked on a word problem as a class and we wrote in on chart paper.  We then rolled up the chart and tied it with a cute ribbon as a “message” to the other class!  The other class solved it and sent it back.  Then we “graded” it and gave them a sticker!  The messengers loved bringing messages to the other class.  After this, we had each student write a word problem (Not including the answer!) on a large apple.  We then had them solve each others problems and write/illustrate the answer on a smaller problem.  It made a cute little display for the hallway!

3) Owls, Owl and more Owls!  The firsties had such a great time learning about owls this year.  We used most of the activities in my Owl unit that is posted on TPT.  They learned so much!  For the last few years, we have been able to have someone come from the Audubon Society and talk to us about owls.  They actually bring several “stuffed” owls (not sure what the Real term for that is!  You know — the ones prepared by a taxidermist) that are found in our area.  I don’t know if all chapters have access to those type of things, but it’s worth a call to your local chapter to see if they could do a classroom visit.

Neighbor Numbers

** The Freebie has expired!  Follow my blog for more freebies!

Thank you for your patience with my starter blog!  I will try to post more faithfully!  In appreciation of your support, I am giving you my newly created Neighbor Numbers Math activity kit (adding doubles plus one) free for a limited time!  Click on the Neighbor Number caption under the pictures to download this item from google drive.  It is $3.00 on Teacherspayteachers.  I hope that you can use this in your classroom!  Have a wonderful week!