Dr. Seuss Celebration

The man who brought us Cat in the Hat and many, many delightful rhyming books is celebrating his birthday March 2nd.  He would have been 109 this year!  I thought I’d share with you my whimsical (but not Seussical!) alphabetical order FREEBIE and my new little Counting Coins with the Cat game that is in my TPT store.  I’ll also show you all the great Seuss themed foods I’ve pinned on pinterest that we will be eating on Friday. Some cute stuff!  Lastly, I’ll share a great way to facilitate parents sign-up forms for events: Google Forms.  Stay around for all the details!  Leave a comment and let me know your favorite Dr. Seuss book.  I can’t choose just one, so I’m going to call it a tie: And to Think That I Saw it On Mulberry Street and Horton Hatches an Egg. 🙂

Count Coins with the Cat – TPT
Click here for this freebie!

My class will be enjoying lots of centers this week AND tons of reading!  I’m going to have them choose a Dr. Seuss book tomorrow to put in their “read to self” box.  On Friday, they will get a chance to read those books to each other and their favorite part to the class.  We’ll also have tons of colorful snacks.  Our menu:

Green eggs & ham Green eggs and ham
Just make deviled eggs and add food coloring to the egg mix.

More Green eggs & ham – sweet this time!
Dr. Seuss bday- vanilla pudding with green food color, Nilla wafer as yolk.   Great alternative for kids with egg allergies!
Just make vanilla pudding and add green food coloring!  A vanilla wafer is the yolk and the sprinkles make a colorful addition!
Dr. Seuss Party #popularpins #pinterest #popular
Pink Yink Ink (Pink lemonade) will cure the thirstiest thirst of yink or a zink!

One fish, two fish Seuss like jello sundae. Similar to what I did last year. These red fish, blue fish treats are a perfect treat.  Make blue jello in a small clear cup or bowl.  Bring whipped cream and fish to put on top!

And lots of rainbow goldfish!Dr. Seuss Party

 At the beginning of the year, I gave each parent a sign-up sheet to sign up for when they wanted to bring crickets (to feed our pet gecko Lizzie).  Anyway, I didn’t quite think through that one since they all signed up for similar months and I had to sort it all out!  Now, a smarter me uses google forms!  I discovered this through blogging and having a giveaway.  It has tons of uses in the classroom.  In fact, someone just tweeted about 79 ways to use google forms in the classroom!  My favorite way is to use it for parents to sign up for things.  I used it for our Valentine’s party and 100th day celebration.  And, of course, I’m using it for all these Dr. Seuss foods. 🙂   This is a picture of the sign-up form.  The responses are automatically put into a spreadsheet.  I give my parents the link to the spreadsheet so that they can see what options have been taken.

 Here’s how to use it:
1. Go to www.drive.google.com (I think you need a google account – gmail or something)
2. Click on Create and choose forms from the pull down menu

3. Choose the theme – they have a few cute little background themes/colors

4. Setup your form – title it and choose the form fields.  You can create a “field” – place where the they will type into the form – that is a text box, multiple choice, pull down menu, etc.  There are a lot of fun options.  Type in something you want answered and choose the best response option.  If it is information you must get (like their name) click next to the “required question” so it is selected.  If you want to add another question just click add item and this box (shown below) will be repeated and you can again select the options.

5. Choose a response destination.  Google will automatically put your responses into a spreadsheet for you.  The spreadsheet is saved to your google documents under the name that you choose.  I like to choose to have it create a new spreadsheet and I title it with the same title as the form with “-responses” in the title.  You can also choose to share this form (it will generate a link) so others can see it.  The last step is about sharing. 🙂

6. Share your document so that it is live on the web!  Go to the menu at the top of the form creating screen and choose file and then share.  Click on “change” in the who has access and select “anyone who has the link” can edit.  This will allow anyone who has the link to type an entry into your form.  Copy and paste the link to send it to your parents!  When you click “view responses” at the top of the form you can see the spreadsheet.  On this page, you can also click file -share to share the spreadsheet.  Be careful!  Do you want the spreadsheet to be edited (someone can erase answers or type into the form) or just viewable?  I usually am choosing just to have it viewed. 

Ta-da!  All done!  Enjoy your new form!

I’m not 100! and a Freebie for you

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me… So, today is the big 40.  Unfortunately, it fell on the 100th day of school!  Maybe that should make me feel younger. 🙂  I do love teaching 1st grade and all the love you get from the students.  They love to guess my age and it will be anywhere from 22-45.  I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them said 100!  When they ask my age I always tell them it’s less than 100. 🙂  In all honesty, I am thankful for each year.  Sure, they’re passing quickly, but each one is full of so many wonderful memories and blessings!

My birthday present to myself (thanks to birthday money) is a new blog!!  I’m so excited.  I’m submitting the order today.  I’m going to keep my design simple, subdued and with a touch of vintage.  Can 1st grade teachers have a blog with a neutral palette?  I hope so!!  Stay tuned to see the finished product.

My birthday present to you is a little freebie.  I’ve been busy making language arts packs and I made a mistake on one of them which inspired a totally different pack.  🙂  I love how it works like that!  This one is for the younger grades.  It is a categorizing activity.  Students identify the word that does not belong.  They write the other words in the category on a recording sheet.  It supports the CCSS for 1st grade: Sort words into categories (e.g., colors, clothing) to gain a sense of the concepts the categories represent.  The categories in this activity are fruits, school supplies and animals.  The picture above is from this pack.  Click here for the free download.

I hope you are having a wonderful 6th of February!  From a older (and wiser?) blogger ~ Melissa

Look What I Bought!

Sunday was so much fun!  Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) had many items discounted at 28%. My store sales were OK (comparable to a good Sunday), but I think the best part was the shopping!  I love all the deals.  I would like to say my wishlist was emptied — not so much!  I think I still have over 150 items.  Scary!  I use it as a “holding place” for all the items I like.  I even have free items on there that I just haven’t had a chance to download onto my flash drive. I’m joining Karen’s blog hop at I’m Blog Hoppin’ to show you all the great items I bought!

1. Pizza Clip Art from Charlotte’s Clips – I’m going to use this to make a big pizza for the 100th day.  Ummm… that’s only one more day to prepare.  I really SHOULD be working on that and not blogging!!

2. Coins clip art from Charlotte’s Clips – she has really cute clip art and very reasonable prices!
3. 14 Borders from Charlotte’s Clips – Making everything pretty!
4. Science Jobs and Careers from Charlotte’s Clips – I don’t have any plans for this one – yet!  I seem to be making a lot of science materials lately so we’ll see what this inspires.
5. Look Whoo’s  100 Day Smarter!  The owl hats sold me!  I spent yesterday cutting out owl hats and a cute pennant and badges from this pack.  I still need to print out the bookmarks.

6 & 7 – I bought this one and a 100th Day one- by The Primary Techie.  This is such a clever idea.  It’s a powerpoint with a 100 or 120 chart.  It starts by telling the students what colors they will need.  It is set to go automatically so you just start it and the students follow the directions.  It will show a color bar and then a number.  They color that number.  At the end they add the “extras” (eyes, whiskers, nose) to make it look like the picture.  What I love: number awareness — so great!, 10 minutes to grade or get caught up on something, independence & focus (they have to pay attention and dawdlers have to learn to keep up!) and they have so much fun!
8. Click Clack Moo Cows That Type Substitute Activity Unit by Jennifer Dowell — I’ve been wanting to get this for a while.  It’s only $4.00 and has several activities to keep the kids busy on a sub day.  It’s supposed to be a whole day, but I would definitely leave notes for the sub about where to find math, language pages, etc.  We complete a LOT in a day!  This will be a huge help though.  Now, if I can’t make it in to set everything up perfectly, I can have this ready for a back up plan.  It’s perfect for my first graders and has a really cute cow craftivity.

Kimberly Geswein Fonts
9. Another Kimberly Geswein font.  Her fonts are free for personal use and cost $5 if you want a commercial license.  Her fonts are really great!  I have a few that I use all the time!

10. Base Ten Blocks by Ashley Hughes  – I need to create some math items!

So, there it is!  A mix of items for my classroom and for creating TPT products.  I hope you were able to take advantage of the savings.

Have a wonderful week! ~Melissa

2 Winners (is it you?) and a Sale!

Every month, I will have a giveaway JUST for my followers!  I will use a random number generator and choose a follower.  It was so much fun that I decided to offer 2!  These people win their choice of any item from my store or if you are in the US you can choose this DVD and I’ll mail it to you.
So You Want to Be President... and More Stories to Celebrate American History (Scholastic Storybook Treasures)

And the winners are:

#58-Peggy Simpson – Yeah!  Peggy is a fantastic special education teacher.  You can see her TPT store here

#80 -teacup- I haven’t had a chance to “meet” this follower yet. 🙂

Keep following for more winners next month!

Teacherspayteachers.com is having a big sale on game day – Sunday!  Every item is discounted 10% by just entering the code SUPER.  In addition, many sellers often put their items on sale.  You could save up to 28%!   It’s easy to forget to input the code — don’t lose out on the extra discount!  All the items in my store will be on sale.

The picture book linky party for this week is books about sports.  I’d love for you to click here and link your book review!   On Wednesday, I reviewed Brothers at Bat by Audrey Vernick and received a comment by her yesterday!  How cool is that!  She mentioned another sports book she’s written that features girls.  Sadly, it isn’t in my library system.  Harper Collins has put out a great video review of the book.  I’m adding this post to the linky party.  It looks great!  I love this style of picture book – informative and engaging!  Don’t forget to add your link for a picture book published in 2012 (last week’s theme) or about sports!  Have a wonderful weekend!  ~Melissa

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