Teachers Care for Oklahoma Fundraiser

K-2 Bundle

Teachers & schools have been on the news a lot this year in the midst of big tragedies in our country.  Every time there are so many people who want to help and teachers always have a huge outpouring of love and concern.  Can we do something for a fundraiser?  Can we help the teachers who have been displaced from their classroom and lost teaching supplies?  As soon as the news of Moore, OK hit the tv stations the TPT (Teachers Pay Teachers) discussion forums were already starting to follow the news and teachers were thinking about ways to help.  Many teachers came together to donate teaching units to make 4 giant teaching bundles for lower elementary and upper elementary and they are for sale at TPT.  These bundles are each $25 and all proceeds go directly to help teachers in Moore, OK.  There is more information and a listing of each products at the TPT listing.  I donated an item to this bundle and at the listing you will see links for the other 3 bundles.  I hope we are to raise a nice amount of money for the teachers in Moore and provide teachers with a great deal at the same time!  I would love to buy all the bundles! 🙂

The countdown is on…9 more days!  These next few weeks will disappear in a blur.  Last week we had a field trip to a berry farm. Next week, we have rotations and field day.  Does your school do any type of rotations?  We mix the kids up into groups that include every grade (1-5th) and they rotate through some classrooms to learn and do something (writing, learning about animals, etc.).  This year is an ocean theme.  I’d love to tell you all about the rotation in my room, but there’s not a lot to tell yet!  Thank goodness it’s a long weekend!  I have a lot of work to do.  The following week we have a field trip to a Wildlife Refuge and a few fun activities.  Whew!   I’m just trying to survive the next few weeks. 🙂  Whenever it gets busy, I think about “Teach Like Your Hair’s on Fire”.  I’ve never read the book, but I think it’s a funny title.  It’s what it feels like at this time–you’re just giving every last bit of energy, creativeness & teaching acumen to keep them learning all the way to the end. 

Happy Friday, y’all! 

Kyrie Eleison

Kyrie Eleison is Greek for “Lord, have mercy.”  These words have been swirling through my thoughts today as I view the devastation in Oklahoma.  My prayers are with those who have suffered.  I’m posting links to 2 youtube videos.  One is a beautiful rendition of Lord, Have Mercy and the other is an original song by a courageous young man, Zach Sobiech, who lost his fight with osteosarcoma today.  I did not know his story until today when I read a news report about his death.  I was very touched by his strength of character while facing this terminal illness.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MU5IiDilVtE?rel=0]
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDC97j6lfyc?rel=0]

New TPT item! Mega Calendar Pack

I’ve been working on this mega calendar pack f-o-r-e-v-e-r!  I always underestimate how long it will take to make things.  This one is over 100 pages.  I included month & number cards (for pocket chart) for each month.  Coordinating year cards (for the next 4 years) — I never find these in calendar packs & I end up typing up a plain little year sign to add to it!  It also includes months of the year and days of the week posters.  These are long posters (2 or 3 pages each) with a border.  There is a mini poster of the poem to remember how many days are in each month.  Today is, yesterday was and tomorrow will be cards are included along with the days of the week cards.  These should all be laminated and have velcro attached so that the student can display the correct day of the week.  There is a place for the student to write the date and the time along with am/pm cards.  There are 3 weather wheels: temperature (cold, warm, hot, etc.), season, weather (windy, snowy, etc.).  There are also cards for major US holidays and some for field trip, no school & tests.  The cards all have a cute chevron pattern for the background.  Each month has a unique theme.

I’ve decided to offer each new product for 50% off for the first 48 hours.  So, now is a great time to pick up this mega calendar set!

Lemony Snicket – 3 ebooks for $2.99

Thanks for all who have entered my giveaway! The contest is nearly ended — keep those entries coming!

I have been so excited to win 3 contests! I just received an email last night saying “you won”! I won a prize package from the Fab 4 With Ideas Galore!  These are 4 kindergarten teachers who have started a blog and TPT store and are off to a great start.  Check out their beautiful blog!  I’ve won 2 other prize packages since I started “blog stalking” — a $100 amazon giftcard & another TPT prize package.  It is so much fun winning these things!!  I finally spent my $100 at Amazon last week and bought an appleTV for my classroom.  I thought about it for a long time because I didn’t want to spend that much on it, but it seems like the best thing to work with the 2 ipads I have in the classroom.  I have been using an ipad adapter and an HDMI cord to connect it to my projector.  Not only does this leave cords hanging from the ceiling they are really close to students so I have to move a few students.  I really don’t like this setup at all!  The deciding factor was last week when the HDMI cord decided to come apart in pieces and I was afraid I was going to be electrocuted in front of the kids! 🙂  I’m so excited about going “wireless”!

Now, onto today’s deal! TODAY ONLY you can buy the Lemony Snicket boxed set for just $2.99 on Kindle (A Series of Unfortunate Events Collection: Books 1-3 with Bonus Material: The Bad Beginning, The Reptile Room, The Wide Window). I just bought this set for my 2 boys. They really like this series and this is a great deal!  Prices change quickly on Amazon and this price is not guaranteed. 


Giveaway ~ These are a few of my favorite things…

No raindrops on roses for you!  You have a chance to win some of my favorite teaching packs that were donated by some wonderful teachers.  In celebration of over 200 followers at my Teachers Pay Teachers store and nearly 200 on my blog this giveaway is for you!  Read about the awesome prizes you can win and scroll down to the end of this post to enter the giveaway. 

Here’s what you can win:

I’ve used Sarah’s monthly literacy menus in my classroom this year and have been so impressed!  The kids really like them and I enjoy how every month is unique in theme and activity and yet the format for these activities is consistent so the kids quickly learn to complete them independently and with confidence.  Some of the writing prompts have inspired some really good writing from my firsties! 

I discovered Jenn’s blog before she even had a store at Teachers Pay Teachers.  She creates great teaching products and is so generous with sharing ideas and things she creates.  This Daily Editing Word Problem pack is excellent!  It has a word problem for each day of the year.  The beginning of the year has the students solving math word problems and adding punctuation.  It is such a great exercise for the kids to read the sentences aloud and try to determine where the sentence ends.  About the middle of the year, spelling mistakes are added to the problems.  My kids love these!  Each morning a different student leads us through solving one of these on the whiteboard.  They usually start out with “who can tell me what word is at the end of the 1st sentence?”   I love it when I hear “Only Susie and Johnny know the answer?”  *read this in an extremely inquisitive tone!  “I’m sure there are some others who can also help us out.”  They know exactly how to mimic the things you say!

The Primary Techie has the coolest idea with her watch-think-color games!  These are powerpoint “games” that are setup to automatically advance to the next slide.  They start out by telling the students what colors they will need.  Then the students have to carefully watch each slide and color the number on the hundreds (or 120) chart by solving the math problem.  There are lots of games to choose from: identifying numbers, ten more or ten less, expanded notation, addition, coins, etc.  When they are finished they should have a cute picture!  The last slide shows them what their picture should look like.  We just completed a super fun one last week for Teacher Appreciation Week.  The first few slides “tell” the kids (by writing and with audio if you have the sound on) that this is a special surprise for the teacher.  She will work on grading or “teacher stuff” while they do their best work.  Then they get to present their teacher with an apple picture and a sweet note on the back!  Here are a couple of things I love about these: the teacher gets time to work on something and the students have to listen.  Mine totally freaked out the first time because they weren’t listening or thought it was going too fast.  I simply told them I couldn’t control the speed.  I always remind them of that and model the type of behavior (having an outburst when you miss one!) that will cause you to be slow and not be able to finish your picture. 🙂  The ocean bundle of games is totally going on my wish list!

We use Dolch words and in 1st grade I like to test them on the pre-primer, primer and first grade words.  I was so happy to find this assessment kit by Lisa.  I love how she includes words from previous weeks to make sure they maintain them and there are also sentences with the sight words.  I emailed Lisa at the beginning of the year and asked her if she could make one for 2nd grade words.  My advanced students can usually fly through these lists and I like to have the 2nd grade lists for a challenge.  So, she added the 2nd grade words to this set!  This is a great investment for your classroom.

I discovered this unit from Jennifer when she participated in another giveaway that I hosted.  I saw this and thought it looked like exactly what I needed for my classroom.  I’ve never had a substitute without going in and setting everything up for them.  I’m sure there will come a day when I won’t be able to make it in and get everything set up ahead of time.  Now, I will have this kit ready!  I liked that it was a well-known book (I already had a few copies) and has a variety of activities. 

Last, but not least, the winner can spend $20 at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  You can choose the items that are best for your classroom.
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Chicks, Ducklings & Quail

 Totally missed posting about our baby chicks last week — just too busy! We have a small incubator that rotates the eggs and we’ve been able to watch eggs hatch the last 2 years. Last year we just had chicks, but this year we had chicks and ducks. It turned out that many of the chicken eggs weren’t fertilized so we ended up with mostly ducks.  The best thing about this year’s adventure was having it projected.  We decided to move the incubator under the document camera and several classes were able to watch the hatching live!  The other 1st grade teacher kept the incubator in her room this year and she has an adorable picture of one of her students with his hands reaching up towards the projected picture like he’s trying to hold one in his hands.  The kids had a great time checking in on the progress of the eggs and journaling about it.  I found this great unit on TPT last year – What’s Hatchin’ Chick.  It has a really good journal in it and several other great activities.  I’ll try to remember to take a picture of the newly hatched cuties and post it soon.

My son also found quail eggs in some bushes next to the school!  There are 16 eggs.  We were concerned about scaring off the mama, but it seems like she came back. 

**BIG NEWS!!  I’m having a giveaway to celebrate 200 followers.  My TPT store has over 200 followers and my blog is almost there.  🙂  Many thanks to all of you for following!   Be sure to check back tomorrow to enter to win “my favorite things.”

TPT Sale & Monthly Giveaway!

Just in case you haven’t heard… TPT is having a big sale!

Link up for the sale!
I’ve seen lots of blogs featuring TPT stores that will be on sale, but I thought it would be nice to have a list of stores by grade level.  So, I’m going to host a linky party with lower elementary, upper elementary, middle school, high school and clip art categories.  Some sellers feature a big range of grade levels, but most focus on one of these categories.  I would find this helpful as a buyer, so I hope it helps you all find great sale items for your classroom!  The store links are below.  Feel free to link up if you have a TPT store that will be on sale.
2 winners!
I’m thrilled to announce the 2 winners for my monthly giveaway.  Congrats to Diving Into Learning & Susie LaBelle!  You each can choose one item from my TPT store.  Let me know your choice by May 31, 2013.  How can you win?  It’s easy!  Just follow my blog.  Each month, I’ll randomly select 2 followers. 


Flash Freebie Math Game!

I just listed another new product at teachers pay teachers.  I just love these cute graphics by Mrs. Messenger!  Check out her store if you’re looking for some cute graphics.  Sadly, this game was started before the Superbowl with hopes of finishing it before the big game.  Ummm…. just a bit late!  I think the kids will enjoy it any time of year.  🙂  I changed the math problems because they were super easy for this time of year.  I put in all the 0-10 addition facts for a total of 102 separate facts to practice!  This game is for 2-4 players.  Here’s the best part… it’s free (only through my blog) for 24 hours!   (expired).

This past weekend our library had their book sale.  I was able to pick up piles of kids books at .25 each!  I l-o-v-e book sales!  Before I started teaching, I was able to go to lots of them.  I actually carried my babies around on my back to go find the bargains.  Maybe that is why they both like reading so much!  I’ve been at book sales where there were police officers directing traffic and ones where people were jumping over tables to get to books when the sale opened.  I’m a bit glad I don’t deal with that craziness anymore and just go to the sales after school and see what good things are left.  If you haven’t been to a library book sale you should totally check them out.  I like to use booksalefinder.com to find out information about the sales.  It’s always a good idea to verify the information –it’s usually listed on the library’s web page.

Enjoy the rest of your week!