Winning the pencil war ~ a giveaway!

Do your kids have to sharpen pencils at inopportune times?  Do they lose their pencils all the time?  Do the pencils break or only sharpen on one side?  I’ve struggled with all of these and am so happy to share with you a giveaway for a fantastic pencil sharpener and a freebie pencil management plan!  (Ok, it did feel weird typing out “pencil management system” – really??!  But, isn’t it true that we need one!  LOL!)

First, I have a terrific giveaway by Troy at Classroom Friendly Supplies. Troy is a teacher and the owner of Classroom Friendly Supplies which sells the “Quietest Classroom Pencil Sharpener”.  I’ve seen reviews of these sharpeners and everyone raves about them. Your can win a pencil sharpener and try it out for yourself!  Check out the links to visit the website and see all the pictures of super-sharp and evenly sharpened pencils.
The entry form is at the end of this post.  It’s easy to enter – just like 2 pages on facebook!


  • Only open to those with a US mailing address
  • You must have a facebook account to enter (if you don’t, I post about many other giveaways that don’t involve facebook and I have a monthly giveaway for all followers so there will be something available soon.  Be sure to get the freebie linked below!

I also discovered a really neat freebie about a way to manage pencils in your classroom – Winning the Pencil War.  It was created by the Wise Owl Teacher.  Apparently many others have discovered this since it has been downloaded over 97,000 times!  I’ve started working on implementing this system for this year and can’t wait to get started.  I love plans that help the kids to become more responsible. It makes it easier for everyone!  

* Books * crayons * posters * center games *  Which classroom item is the most difficult for you to organize?  Leave a comment below.  Do you have a great classroom organization tip?  Stay tuned for a linky party!
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Freebie! Watch the Clock

Colleen at the Teaching Heart blog has a Tuesday linky for freebies.  I was going to link up my Watch the Clock – telling time activity, and then I realized I never even posted about it.  Oops!  It is the featured freebie at my TPT store.  I’m really excited about using it with my students next year.  It is an on-going (as long as you want — all year if necessary!) activity.  You just put one of the clocks up somewhere in the room where all the students can see it.  When a student sees that the classroom clock (the real one!) matches the printed clock they stand up and say “it’s time!”.  They then tell you what the time is.  If they are correct they get to choose the next clock.  Simple, but I think my first graders will love it.  The set includes all the clocks that you would need during a school day (up to 1/4 hour) and it also includes digital time to scaffold learning until they improve with their time-telling skills! 🙂  I’ve also included a.m. and p.m. cards so you can work on those concepts.  Click on the picture above to download this activity from my TPT store.  Also, be sure to check out the freebies linked at Teaching Heart.  Just click on the picture!  Happy Tuesday, y’all!

Teaching Heart Blog

July Facebook Frenzy – LOTS of freebies!

The July Facebook Frenzy is here!  For the next few days there will be over 30 freebies available for facebook fans.  You just visit each facebook page and like to download the freebie.  Then click on “next stop” to go to the next page with a freebie.  The first stop in frenzy is at Enlightened Elephant.  Enjoy!

The Daily Deal – Book bins & geography app

I have 2 deals for you today!  I was so excited to find these little bins at Wal-Mart for only 97 cents!  They will be great for my Daily 5 book bins.  They are smaller than the current ones that I’m using but seem much sturdier.  Also, the ones I’ve been using are from the Dollar Tree and they haven’t carried them the last 2 years, so I can’t replace the ones that get broken.  If your students put chapter books in their boxes this size is perfect!  I put in 5 Boxcar Children books and it’s not quite 1/3 full.  You can fit some oversized picture books in them.  I know my firsties will be creative with getting books into them so it won’t take them long to discover putting the books in diagonal will let you put in a few larger books! 🙂

There is also a free app today for the iPad & iPhone.  It looks cute (and educational!).  Enjoy the last little bit of your weekend!  As always, prices can change quickly!  Click on the picture below to see if it’s still a deal.

The Daily Deal – Curious George! $5

I love the Kohl’s Care deals! They are only $5 and the money goes to help kids.  Win-Win!  Kohl’s currently has Curious George for the character.  There is the Curious George plush stuffed animal & a cute dinosaur (to go with the book – Curious George’s Dinosaur Discovery) dog (C.G. and the Puppies), moose (C.G. Goes Camping) and kangaroo (C.G. Visits the Zoo).  Sadly, no man in the yellow hat items!  There are 5 hardcover books – 1 is only available online.  There is even a set of 15 Curious George note cards!  Those would be so cute for notes home! Click on the picture to order it online or visit your local Kohl’s to find these items.  The popular ones are sold quickly so it’s always a good idea to go ASAP! 🙂

Back to School Blog Hop

I’m linking up with Teaching Is a Gift & A Teacher Without Class for their BLOGLOVIN’ back to school blog hop! If you still haven’t started using Bloglovin’ – now is the time!  It is simply a way to follow blogs you love so that you don’t miss out on posts.  Long before I started blogging, I was an ardent blog follower.  I have picked up so many great ideas by following blogs.  I set my bloglovin’ account up so that I get a daily email summary.  I like that I can quickly scroll through the blogs and see a picture and a little bit of the post and see if it is one I want to read.  This blog hop will let you quickly “hop” through a bunch of teaching blogs and see which ones you’d like to follow.  See you there! 
Teaching is a Gift

New pinterest board for Common Core Resources!

There’s a  new pinterest board with Common Core Resources 4 Teachers.  I know in the US many of us are thinking about and planning for implementing these standards next year.  I’ve found some great resources – many free- and added them to the board.  If you’d like to join the board as a collaborator just email me at luv2harp at gmail dot com. 


The Daily Deal – Kindle Books!

I’m loving these deals today!  There are some good prices (some even free!) on children’s kindle books today.  Remember, these can be viewed on a kindle or a kindle app (PC, iPad, etc.).  ** Prices change quickly!  Click on the link to see if this price is still available.

Blogger Tools ~ Facebook, Bloglovin’ & Signatures

A few weeks ago, I started a linky on my blog for links to tutorials that you’ve used to add things to your blog.  There were only a few who participated.  I was really hoping to find a good facebook pop-up box.  I’ve also debated (with myself!) about even having a pop-up box.  I find them totally annoying, but it is a reminder that the blog has a facebook page.  I don’t mind a single pop-up box that is easy to close and will only pop-up once so I decided to try it. I found a tutorial that was very complicated and then didn’t work for me — obviously, I messed up one of the 1,000 steps! 🙂  So, I was really hoping that someone would link to a good one– no such luck!  Well, today I found one and it is SUPER easy and you just have to chance one part of the code so that it links to your facebook page!  Here is the link for that one: Facebook Pop-up for Blogger

See the bloglovin’ button at the bottom of this post?  I just added that feature yesterday and today is my first post with it!  It’s pretty easy.  This tutorial will work to put any image (with a link) into the bottom of each post — might be a good way to link to your TPT store!  You just need to save the button as an image and upload it to a picture host…  Well, why don’t you just read these steps:
1) Get a bloglovin’ image  — I just right clicked and saved this one from their website.  You can go there or save the one I have to your computer.
2) Save the picture to an image hosting service that will let you link to it.  I use picasaweb.  I always have difficulty getting to the link for the picture after I’ve downloaded it so I’m putting the info. here.  If you are using another hosting service or know how to do this just skip ahead to #3.

  • Select the image
  • On the right sidebar, click on link to this image
  • Check the box for image only
  • Copy the link that is shown for embed image 

3) Enter the link for the picture into this code.  Replace the 2nd pink link with your link (it’s the one after IMG which stands for image).  Make sure the quotation marks stay there – they’re essential!


href=""><IMG src="">

4) Go to bloglovin’ and copy the link to your blog.  Just search for your blog and click on the link.  You’ll now see your blog name and a list of your latest posts.  Then just click and save the link that is in the address bar.  Use this link to replace the 1st pink link in the above code.  Again, keep the quotation marks.

5. That was the hard part!  Now, you just need to get YOUR code into your blog and it just takes 3 easy clicks.  Login to blogger and go to —> settings—>posts and comments.  Add your code to the post template box.

1) Create your signature.  You can sign and scan it in as an image or use an online signature creator.  There’s a Signature Creator Wizard at MyLiveSignature.
2) Use the steps above (for adding bloglovin’) and save the signature online and create a link.
3) Replace the 2 links below (after the pink href=) with your link. 

<div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">
<a href="" imageanchor="1" style="clear: left; float: left; margin-bottom: 1em; margin-right: 1em;"><img border="0" src="" />
<br />

4) Follow Step 5 above (for adding bloglovin’) to put it into your blog post signature.