24 Hour Freebie!

I just created an account at BuySellTeach and posted my teaching products.  I’m offering a 24 hour freebie there.  My synonym pack is normally $4.00.  It includes a game, posters/bulletin board set.

The freebie will be available until 9/28 2:00 pm PST and then it will go back to being a priced item. 
So, here’s how you can get it:

1) Sign up for your free account at BuySellTeach

2) Download the free synonym pack

3) While you’re there I’d love for you to *follow my store *leave feedback *check out my other freebies (my new I Can Write a List freebie has been very popular! 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!

Fall Facebook Frenzy ~ Tons of freebies!

I apologize for being MIA!  Back to school is always such a busy time and this year I had the added challenge of a difficult final (with a big project!) that was due right before school started.  Things are starting to go more smoothly now.  Next year, I’ll be so thankful to finally have a summer with no classes! 

Yesterday, the Fall Facebook Frenzy began.  It is only for a few days – ends Sept. 23rd.  If you haven’t participated in one you are missing out!  There are lots of great freebies this time.  It’s a fall/apple theme.  There are 3 grade group categories.  I’m in the K-1 (although my product could work for K-2) and I’ve posted my Apple Science and Literacy Unit for free during those days. I’ll be listing it soon as a paid product on TPT.  Now is the time to get it free!  I went through the whole K-1 group and found some great freebies.  I also went through the 4-5 group because they had some good clipart freebies.  I even found a few games that I downloaded for my 4th grader at home. 🙂  I still need to get through the 2-3 group. 

The way these FB frenzies or hops work is that you should be able to start at any page within the group and then go to the next page and circle around until you get back to where you started.  So, I’m linking to my facebook page and you can just start from there.  You will need to like each page in order to access the freebie.  I follow most of these facebook pages and I get lots of info. on freebies, teaching ideas, books, etc.  Just today there was a great conversation on a facebook page about music for work/study times.  I found some great suggestions.  I shared the conversation on my facebook page so you can read through the suggestions also.  Hope you have are having a fantastic school year!  I’ll be back soon to share what we’ve been doing in my 1st grade classroom.