Free E-Book Technology Tips for Teachers

I’m so excited to announce that the Tech Tips for Teachers Free Ebook was featured in the newsletter and is now available! It is a compilation of free products and tech tips from 47 teachers. There are tips and products for all grade levels! I’ve included my free iPad Task Cards for 1st & 2nd grade using the free app Toca Tailor.

Math Madness @ Teaching Momster: MONEY

Krista at Teaching Momster is hosting a linky with tips for teaching money. I’m excited to see the responses! I teach 1st grade. Common Core has listed coins in 2nd grade with nothing noted in kindergarten or 1st grade. I can’t imagine waiting until 2nd grade to introduce coins! Our kindergarten students learn so much about coins. They forget some during summer break, but with some practice they are able to do very well with coins.

So, here are some tips:
* Have them label the coins on worksheets
I always have them write beneath the coins the cumulative value as if they were counting the coins to me and saying the total. This way, if there is a mistake, I can see what coins they need to practice.
*Give them practice with mixed coins
Our curriculum (Saxon) puts the coins in nice rows for them with all of the same coins together. They even put them in order according to value. Of course, in real life you will just get a pile of coins jumbled together that you need to count.
*Award coins for chores
When my boys were younger, they could earn coins for chores. We might assign a certain value for each clothing item folded or an amount for a completed chore. We kept a container of coins for them to get their earnings. 🙂 They quickly became coin counting experts! They sometimes even became experts on IOU’s & lending (without interest!) when the coin container was empty!

I asked for some tips on Facebook and here are a few:
*Sarah posted: I am a believer in using real money for the students to understand the concept and draw on real life. It’s easier for them to see and touch the money to retain the values better!!   
Excellent tip, Sarah!
*Jen wrote: I have a classroom store where they earn money for doing work and good behavior then they get to purchase things like little toys, pencils, etc. 
This is similar to my idea for chores. I haven’t been willing to put the time into a classroom store yet, but I am certain it would be a very valuable teaching tool – not to mention a behavior motivator! 🙂
*Brittany wrote: We also do a little “shopping” day where they get to practice counting money and pay for pretend items.

*Ofelia wrote: I love reading children’s literature on money. 

Don’t forget to check out even more teaching tips at Teaching Momster! My facebook giveaway and Spring Sale-a-bration is continuing for the rest of the week.