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I have a fun post for you today! Cara from Creative Playground invited several of us to “swap” products with another blogger and review their item. I’ve always wanted to do this. 🙂 There are so many creative products out there — hence, the huge wish list that  I have on TPT! So, Jennifer at Stories and Songs in Second swapped products with me. She is such a sweetheart and I was so impressed with her products. She is very thorough and includes many extras to help support the teacher.

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The first product that I reviewed was the adorable Rhyming Boot Scoot game. It has several ways that it can be played. There are 48 cards (24 sets of rhyming words). Before I tell you about some ways you can use the cards, let me share all the things that she included in this pack.

There is a page with the 2nd grade common core standards — not just the number, but the whole standard there for you to see. Rhyming is specifically addressed in the kindergarten CCSS. It’s also part of phonological awareness which is part of the CCSS Reading Foundational Skills. I’m always surprised by the number of first graders who struggle with rhyming. When my boys were little we would make a game out of rhyming words while we were in the car. It’s such a fun and easy thing for them to learn while they are little. Unfortunately, some don’t get any practice until they come to school and then we need to make sure they have lessons and practice time to master this skill.

Jennifer also includes suggestions for stories and songs (hence her blog and store name!!) that go with this product. There are some fun & lively songs that you could use to introduce this game. One of the books that she suggests if you are learning about cowboys is Magic Treehouse – Ghost Town at Sundown. That is a great suggestion! There are also many picture books with a cowboy theme. I’ve included links for 2 Cinderella-type cowboy stories. There are links to find the books on Amazon and links to listen to the stories on YouTube.
Bubba the Cowboy Prince: You can listen to the story being read here.

Cindy Ellen: You can listen to the story being read here.

This game provides a great opportunity for a vocabulary lesson about Wild West Words! You can use the books and stories to expand their vocabulary. These are the words from the game that I would discuss with my firsties before playing: bandana, chief, chuckle, corral, hire, outlaw, round-up, rust, steer and sundown.

Here are 3 ways that you can use these cards.

#1. Concentration ~ A Matching Game
You can use the cards for a memory / concentration game. There are 48 cards altogether. There are 2 types of cards – square ones & a smaller wanted card. They all match together. There  may be too many cards for some students. You could always choose to use fewer. Just make sure you use the matches (for instance, use 1-12 of the square cards and 1-12 of the wanted cards). Students will play it just like the regular game. All cards are placed face down. Students take turns choosing 2 cards. If their cards match, they get to keep the set. The student with the most matches wins the game.

#2. Read & write the room – You could put a wanted card on each student’s desk and make this a scoot type game. The students would go desk to desk and write a rhyming word at each desk. The other way you could use the cards is to attach them to things around the room. I usually put them on walls, sides of cabinets, pet tanks, etc. and just attach them with tape. Students then can put their worksheet (included in the pack!) on a clipboard and search for the cards. When they find a card, they write rhyming words in the corresponding box. Let them know how many words you want them to write.

#3 – Rhyme Round-Up – This is an independent activity. The worksheet is included in the pack. Students take 2 rhyming cards and write a sentence using both words. I will just have my 1st graders choose 1 card and they will write a sentence using that word.

I’m excited to use this game in my classroom. Visit Jennifer’s store to purchase this item for your classroom. She is offering this item as a $1 deal through this Sunday! That is an amazing deal!!

Jennifer has a great back-to-school product that will help your students get to know each other. This Super Sleuth Student activity has interactive notebook pages. The students can put these in their notebooks and complete each section. Shhh! It’s top secret! Tell them to be careful not to let the other students see their writing. Then you can put the notebooks around the room and students can guess who wrote each one. You could even use these to graph information – How many of them have the same favorite food?

For my 1st graders, I would put the pieces into a file folder. You won’t be able to use all of the pieces that are included in the kit if you do this, but it will give them less writing which will work perfectly for this time of the year. I would suggest having them cut out the pieces, but you or another adult should glue or tape them into the folders so they are even and the pieces all fit. You could use double-sided tape. I used my Scotch ATG (advanced tape glider) which I LOVE for projects like this. It is basically double sided tape, but it rolls on easily and it doesn’t leave any bumps. To glue or tape the tabs, just bend the tab backwards and then forward (like the 2 bottom pictures above this section). This makes it easier to see the line for the crease and leaves the tab ready to be glued or taped.

For the inside pieces (that will flap up), I would trace lightly around the piece with a pencil. That way when the student lifts the tab their writing area is defined. I would have the students draw pictures for some of the prompts (favorite food) and then label the picture. If you have birthdays displayed in the classroom, the My birthday is…prompt is a good way to show them where that information is and for them to find their birthday on the chart or wall display. There are a few prompts that will require a written answer such as My Favorite Movie is…. I would have them use Guess and Go spelling for those ones. When they are finished, collect their folders and put a sticky note on each one with their name. You can then review the folders and ask students any clarifying questions. Chances are there will be some answers that you won’t be able to decipher! 🙂 You can then read each folder to the class and have the students guess which student created that folder.When they are all finished, I would have them write their name on the front — it would look cute inside the magnifying glass! Parents will love this keepsake activity that will remind them of the first few weeks of school! This Super Sleuth Student activity pack can be purchased in Jennifer’s store.

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Congratulations, Stephanie Baker!

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4th of July blog hop ~ A freebie for you!

Happy 4th of July! I hope you are having a wonderful day enjoying time with family and celebrating our freedom. My dad and grandpa both served in the military. On these patriotic holidays, we remember those who’ve served to protect our country and the freedoms we enjoy. As I listen to the news around the world, which is especially grim at this time, I am reminded of the quotation that “freedom isn’t free”. There are many who have sacrificed their lives or health for our great country. I am so thankful for each of them. If you are a past or present service member or have family serving, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My freebie today is All-American Numbers – an I have, Who Has… game to identify the number that comes before. It is only free for today! A student will have a card that says something like who has the number that comes before 42. The student who has the next card will say, I have 41. Who has… and the game continues. My 1st graders really enjoy these I have, who has games. I have several ELA ones in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. I used them last year and I think the students forgot that they were learning! They really improved in the concepts that we practiced with these games. Click on the picture of the cover (All-American Numbers) to access the free download. Don’t forget to go to the end of this post to enter a giveaway (you can win a gift card for TPT!) and to get more freebies at the rest of the hop.

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