Teaching About Owls

I have a post today on Classroom Tested Resources (our fabulous collaborative blog — I hope you are following it!) and it has some good tips for teaching about owls. It includes some easy to implement tips for teaching symmetry and comparing owl wing spans. It also tells about dissecting owl pellets and has some free resources and a link to a site that provides small grants for classrooms to get owl pellets free. You can read about it here.
Another helpful resource is my Owl Unit on Teachers Pay Teachers. It includes:
*Vocabulary Cards
*Owl Read the Room (vocabulary activity)
*Owl Memory Match
*Owls Here and There (an original non-fiction book)
*All About Owls (an original non-fiction book)
* Anchor chart titles for KWL and/or can-have-are
*My Owl Book (mini book for students to record what they’ve learned)
*Measurement Activity
*Owl Facts mini poster – 4 designs
*Label the owl worksheet
*2 student worksheets (Where do owls live? & Birds of Prey)
*List of additional resources

Have fun learning about these amazing birds of prey!