Summer Saleabration Week 2 – Save big!

I am “busy” enjoying my summer break! In fact, I was having so much fun that I almost forgot to give you a sale this week. 🙂  I’ll post more about my traveling later – including pictures of a little tourist attraction that features one of my favorite children’s books! I love it when children’s books get some attention.

This week, I am putting my whole Seasonal Poetry Collection on sale! I love using these for fluency practice and working with words. They can be used as a whole class activity. The pictures below show me using them with the document camera and projector. They are also great for individual reading. I have my student glue a copy of the poem into their poetry notebook after we’ve worked on them together. They keep the poetry notebook in their book bag for read to self time. I’ve also had them bring the books home at certain times during the year to read the poems to their family. Poems are such a fun way to practice reading! There are often many new & familiar words. The repeated readings help them to build fluency and gain confidence. I 100% recommend adding poetry reading to your daily literacy routine. 🙂 This set is 50% off for this week only.

The linky below has some of the other stores that are participating in this week’s sale. Check out the links or search TPT for saleabration to find other great deals.

Have a wonderful week!


Summer Saleabration Linky

Ahhh!! Summer is finally here! Days of rest, relaxation,….and SAVINGS! Now is a great time to start organizing and planning for the next school year. I’m moving from 1st to 3rd grade so I have LOTS of planning to do! Why not save on the products that you need?

I’ve teamed up with a great group of teachers to offer you savings all summer long. Each week we will put a different item on sale. The item will only be on sale for a week. The next week each of us will choose a different resource from our store to offer at a discount. You can search TPT for saleabration to find all of the items that are on sale for the week. Or…click on the linky to see some of the items that are on sale.

Thanks for joining us on this Summer Saleabration!


Thank You, Teachers! An appreciation post & discount

Flowers from a student – he said it was his mom’s idea!!

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! I hope that you are being showered with love. As a parent and a teacher, I have seen the difference that teachers make every day. Thank you for all that you do – the long hours and the heart and soul that you put into everything!

My youngest son was just a bit shy when he started 4 year old kindergarten. I should have had a clue from his brief experiences at preschool. He was just going a few days a week to a morning program. There was only one other boy in the class and if that boys was absent my little one would not talk and would try to spend the whole time under the table. I wasn’t planning on sending him to a 4 year old kindergarten, yet alone an all day one, but when I was offered a job at the school it seemed like the perfect opportunity. I’d be at the same school as both of my boys. Surely, that would make the transition easier for him. Oh, that first year! He would go out to recess and just sit on the curbing while the other students played. A few months into the school year his class was combined with another class and they had a new teacher. He totally clicked with this teacher – – it might be that she was a little more like me. He finally started to come out of his shell and make friends. And, it was nice being at the same school! I was even able to check on him after nap time and if he wasn’t awake I would carry him around for a bit to get him to wake up. (Moms, you know what it’s like when your kids get a loooong nap and then won’t sleep at night!)  I’m so grateful for the teachers who encouraged him and all the teachers who still work with my boys to help them succeed.

I have a discount to share with you in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week. Feeln, a Hallmark company, offers a subscription service for family friendly movies. They have a wide variety of movies including Hollywood blockbusters, classics, Hallmark Hall of Fame movies, kids series and original short films.

They have a special offer for teachers – you can get 50% off the subscription price! It is already a very reasonable price when you compare it other services. Just enter the code 0515BlogConnie when you get to the screen that shows the subscription prices and it will make the annual price only $11.99! Click here to subscribe. *Expires May 9, 2015.

I love the idea of this service. Keep in mind that everyone has a different idea of “family friendly” so please preview the movies before showing them to your students or family. I like to use Kids in Mind to review unknown movies.

One of the series that they feature is Liberty’s Kids, which is recommended for ages 8-14. There are also several animal and nature shows. I was excited to see that they have the Jack Hanna movies. They have some classic kid series like Madeline & Paddington Bear. Today, my 1st graders watched an episode of Busytown while they were eating lunch. That one might be a bit young for most of them, but some of them really liked it. I have one student who loves the Busytown books.

Feeln is available online and on certain devices (Roku, AppleTV, Xbox, mobile phones & tablets and some Samsung TVs & blu-ray players).

Feeln is sharing a short movie with you this week in honor of teachers. It is about a teacher who is retiring. This is near and dear to my heart this year as we have several teachers retiring who have been a part of the school for a very long time. I can’t imagine them not being there next year! Enjoy this heart warming story that shows the impact that teachers make in so many young lives.

Thank you, Teacher!


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Teacher Treasure Hunter Magazine & Giveaway!

Have you checked out the new Teacher Treasure Hunter magazine? It’s a free, quarterly magazine with teaching tips along with beauty and fashion finds. If you enjoy it, please keep scrolling down in this message and enter the giveaway! By entering your email address, you will be notified of the next issue and we will start to build the subscription list that we need to keep the magazine going. Plus, you could win some awesome markers & washi tape!

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*Because of shipping costs, this giveaway is only open to those who have a mailing address in the contiguous United States.

Here’s a sneak peek of a few pages in the magazine:


Exciting News! Educents Store Launch & $50 giveaway

Exciting news! Educents has added storefronts to their marketplace. They are known for being the go-to deal site for teachers. They feature teaching products and downloadable curriculum that is offered at a bargain price for a limited time. I always thought of them as a groupon type of site for teachers. Now, they’ve added stores. This means that Educents can be your go-to place to find any curriculum you need. So, if you are looking for something to help you with teaching adjectives to your 1st graders you don’t need to wait for a special deal. You can go to the stores and search for your specific needs.

Here are 3 things that you really should do so you don’t miss out any Educents deals!

1) Download my Watch the Clock freebie! This game will help your students practice telling time to the hour, half hour & quarter hour. Students take turns being the time keeper. They get to watch the clock and announce the time when the clock matches their printed clock. A tip that I’ve learned for this game is to not start “clock watching” until there are only a few minutes left. You don’t want them to spend the whole time watching! Just set a timer for a few minutes before and give the chosen student a warning that it’s time to start watching. The kids love playing this game and get so much authentic time-telling practice! The cards are very versatile. There are so many games and activities that you could do with these clocks. So, download the whole set today!

2) Follow my Educents store! Just click on the heart at the top of the store. I’ll be featuring discounts and deals that you don’t want to miss. If you like Teacher Treasure Hunter products or have been wanting to try them in your classroom, then this is a great way to find out about new products. I’ll also be participating in some of the Educents deals which offer bundles at big discounts.

3) Enter the Educents giveaway! You could win $50 credit at Educents! Wouldn’t that be a fun shopping spree? Good luck!
Educents Marketplace $50 in Edubucks Giveaway #10 – Kinder & First Grade Stores

April Calendar Days

April has its share of quirky National days – there’s Name Yourself Day (what’s that about?) and Lima Bean Respect Day. I love that it’s not just Lima Bean day — they had to add in that respect! Succotash, anyone?? 🙂 National Animal Crackers Day would be fun to celebrate! Of course, I can’t say (or type) those words without bursting into a little song of —animal crackers in my soup, monkeys and rabbits loop the loop…

There are also plenty of fun days to celebrate that provide opportunities for accompanying classroom activities. I have a few posts already planned for you so stay tuned!

Poetry in the Elementary Classroom

My 1st post at Classroom Tested Resources was posted yesterday! It is full of ideas for using poetry in the elementary classroom. You’ll find resources about finding poems and how to use them in your classroom. It’s a great time to get prepared for National Poetry Month which is in April and Poem in Your Pocket Day which is April 30th.

Hurry over to the blog so you don’t miss out on the amazing Teacher Swag giveaway. I don’t know about you, but I can never have too many markers in my classroom! Those Mr. Sketch markers are awesome for making anchor charts. So, enter today! Good luck!

I was asked to write a blog post for Accucut Education. It’s called Let Them Color. I was asked by another teacher recently if I let the kids color pictures on worksheets and papers and if so how long they should color. I thought that was a really good question. We have so much that we need to get done each day. Should we just skip all the coloring? Read my response and let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

It’s Spring break here! I am beyond excited! These past 3 weeks have been incredibly busy and I don’t think I could have made it another day. 🙂 There is a reason that we need those break days in our calendar! Have a great week!

Classroom Tested Resources ~ Blog launch and giveaway!

Exciting news! I’ve joined a group of 30 teachers to start a new collaborative blog – Classroom Tested Resources. One of us will post each day. For this first rotation, we will be posting about plants, planning or poetry to bring you ideas for the month of April. I can’t wait to read each post!

We’d love to hear from you. You can follow Classroom Tested Resources on facebook, pinterest, google + and instagram (classroomtestedresources). Please comment on the blog posts. We want to bring you information and resources that are of interest and value to you. The best way for us to do that is to hear what you like and the topics that you would like to see featured in upcoming blog posts.

The news just keeps getting better and better – – there’s even a fabulous giveaway to celebrate the blog launch! Three winners will each receive a teacher swag prize that has some of our favorite products. You will love this prize pack! The giveaway is open until April 1st. You can submit your entries here.

I was recently asked to write a blog post for Accucut Education. You can read my post titled Let Them Color on their new blog.

Did you already have spring break? It seems like I’ve seen many teachers on social media who already had their break and some that have it this next week. Ours is this next week and I am in serious need of some down time! I’ve just finished 3 consecutive weeks of big events. We had the school auction, report cards, conferences and an Open House. Last night at the Open House, my 1st graders performed a Boxcar Children play that they wrote! I helped write some of the narrator parts, but otherwise it was all them. There were some very funny parts and a few natural actors who enjoyed their time on stage. They all became immersed in the book and it is now a favorite. I am certain they will remember this play for a long time and that the book will hold a special place in their hearts forever. Don’t you love it when that happens?

I’ll be back tomorrow (don’t faint!) to share my 1st blog post at Classroom Tested Resources.

Enjoy your weekend, friends!

Birthday FREEBIE & Product Swap

I have to tell you that this has been a long, exhausting week – – and I still have Friday (the 100th day) to celebrate! There are some weeks that just have too many events! This week we had an Open House at school (showing off the student’s work), Groundhog Day (he saw his shadow! /floor ) and the 100th Day. Oh, and it’s my birthday today! I think I will spend the day sleeping once I finally get home. 🙂

I have a few freebies to share with you on my birthday. 🙂  The first 2 are birthday related items for your classroom. There are certificates (2 styles-2 files!) and a birthday bulletin board set where you can put the student’s birthday on the cupcake for that month. Click on the pictures above to download these freebies!

The next freebie is one that I put together for the Open House this week. The first graders had their Arctic reports on display. I used this About the Author page for the cover. I took a picture of each student holding a picture of the Arctic animal that they studied. I used the Arctic Animal Research Pages & pictures from my Arctic Animals unit on TPT. They turned out great and the kids really enjoyed working on this project. They get to become “experts” on the animal that they study!

I have also been participating in a product swap that was organized by Erin at Learning to Be Awesome.

Learning to be Awesome

I reviewed a product from Sharon who has the Teaching with Sight blog. She is a NBCT kindergarten teacher. I chose to review the Fantasy Guided Reading Unit. This product was designed for K-2nd grade students.
I used the story The Three Billy Goats Gruff for this review. I used it with my lower reading group. I was interested in this particular set of stories because it seemed like it would support my struggling readers and it had a writing component. Also, I have not used fantasy stories much so I figured we should experience more genres. It did work out well for my reading group. What I did not guess was my student’s reaction to the story. You’ll have to read to the end of the review to get the “student review”. 🙂
We started out by reviewing the vocabulary that would be used in the story. Sharon has provided the kids with words they need to know and a picture of the word. I had my students circle some of the sounds that we practice. These words also include their favorite sound – wa in water. I call it the baby sound and we make a crying baby saying wa-wa! 
We then read the story together. The picture clues were very helpful and it is written for beginning readers. It was so great for them to have a story they could easily read. We want to scaffold learning and keep the students going to the next level, but sometimes it is nice to just give them something they absolutely know and let them be super successful. It really helps to build their confidence.
Next, the students did a little re-write of the story. They wrote about what happened as each of the goats crossed the bridge. 

This story also has some comprehension questions (with a word bank), a place to write and draw about your favorite part and a place to write your own ending. Writing an alternate ending was definitely the favorite part for my students. It was interesting to hear their diverse reactions. Some said they would push the troll into the water. One said they would just swim across and avoid the troll on the bridge. And there was one who said he would be a friend to the troll. Maybe that is what that mean troll needs – friendship!

The best part of this whole experience was that when we finished the students asked if they could do more! They really liked this story. I was just going to use the one story in this pack because we have other materials for our reading group, but this was so appealing to them that I really need to use some more stories. This is a huge pack (over 100 pages!) and it has 12 stories in it. My first grader will be so excited to learn that we can do more stories like this.

Please visit Sharon’s blog, Teaching with Sight. I just found out as I was writing this blog post that she is not only a kindergarten teacher and ballroom dancer, but also that she is completely blind. There is a wonderful introduction video on her blog that shows her teaching. She is an inspiration.

Make sure that you visit the other bloggers participating in this product swap. Not only will you discover teaching materials for your classroom, there are many giveaways and special treats along the way.

Enjoy your weekend!