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Writing an opening hook

How many times have your students started informational reports with…”This is a report about…” These opening lines are boring to the reader and even to the writer! So, we teach them to write an interesting hook that will engage the reader. There are many types of hooks that will quickly get the attention of your audience. This post is focusing on writing a question to hook readers. Why? Well, I found a great book! Isn’t that usually the case? We find a fun book and realize it would be a great mentor text for something we want our students to learn.

What if You Had Animal Eyes

Sandra Markle has written a great series of informational books that have a light, engaging style. The latest in this series is What if You Had Animal Eyes. I pre-ordered it on Amazon so that I could get it right away. My 3rd graders enjoy these books and I am all about stocking my classroom with books that get kids reading! These books start out with asking a question. They don’t just ask a question about an animal fact, but rather questions that will guide the reader in imagining the life of that animal. “What if one day when you woke up, the eyes on your face weren’t yours? What if, overnight, a wild animal’s eyes took their place.” (Markle, 2017) Each 2 page spread focuses on an animal. One page is informational and helps you learn all about that animal’s eyesight and the characteristics that make the eyes uniquely suited for that particular animal. The second page makes it personal. What would it be like for you to have eyesight like that animal? The book ends with a quick compare/contrast of animal and human eyes and how ours eyes are just what we need. It also includes a page on how human eyes work and a page about keeping your eyes healthy.

You could also use this book as a mentor text for other topics such as…

*Repetition (If you had ______ eyes you ___________)
*Organizing facts for readability
*Using real photos alongside exaggerated sketches 
*Reading and/or creating diagrams (diagram of the human eye – page 30)
I’ve created a little resource to go along with this book. It includes:

*mini poster (quotation)
*mini poster (about writing hooks)
*worksheet to practice writing questions that could be hooks for various topics

You can download the FREEBIE here.

Reading Freebies and a Giveaway!

I’ve teamed up with some great bloggers who are doing a giveaway to benefit Hurricane Harvey victims. I have friends with family in Texas. Our pastor’s wife was in church when she saw a facebook message from her brother-in-law saying they were stranded and asking for help. It was so difficult for them to wait for news from 2,000 miles away. I was in Jacksonville, Florida during Hurricane Andrew and remember people from our church going to help. These types of losses are devastating and require long-term assistance. Dawn Vinas, a teacher who works with Houston schools, has started a gofundme to help teachers. Any donation will help. You can give to that campaign here. My heart is hurting as we are now tracking hurricane Irma and praying for the safety of all those in her path.
I’m in the Pacific Northwest and we are dealing with an entirely different hardship – wild fires. There are so many huge fires in our state and surrounding states. The sky this week has been thick with smoke and air advisories have been given. Students have had to stay inside all week. The sun looks red on many days. It is very surreal. A beautiful area that we travel through frequently, the Columbia Gorge, along the Columbia river is burning. I posted a picture on my facebook page of before and after. It is incredibly sad.

Each blogger has featured a mentor text and an accompanying download. Make sure you visit each blog to get all these goodies and tons of expert advice! Just click on the links at the end of this post to visit the next blog. One lucky winner will win a copy of EACH book. That is such an awesome prize! Enter through the rafflecopter links at the end of this post. The most important thing to do is to support the relief efforts if you are able. The gofundme link is a great way to support teachers and schools. There are many organizations involved in the rebuilding in Houston and other cities that suffered from Hurricane Harvey. We might not be able to do much individually, but together we can do anything! Let’s get these cities restored and offer hope to those who were displaced. Spread the word about the gofundme and this giveaway! Thank you!

An InLinkz Link-up

November Facebook Frenzy

The November Facebook Frenzy is here! This is the place to be if you like freebies!

I’m in the 1st grade group.  The picture above will link you to my Facebook page.  I’ve made my Pilgrim Path game free this weekend just for my Facebook followers.

After you get that freebie, you can click on the haystack to go to the next stop.

There are 6 separate blogs hops involved in this frenzy!  Here is the Frenzy map so that you can visit the other grade level hops.  It’s also helpful if you get “stuck” somewhere along the hop and can’t go to the next stop. 

Have fun & have a fabulous weekend!

Have you heard of Diigo?

I recently saw a post about a teacher using diigo to manage bookmarks and to post to her blog.  I was intrigued since I find it so difficult to manage blog post during the school year.  Hopefully that will be better next year when I am FINALLY finished with grad school! I also needed a good bookmarking tool. 

Diigo has free and paid accounts.  They also offer a free upgrade to educators.  I love it when that happens!  So far, I’ve only signed up for the free account.  I was easily able to add a toolbar to the firefox browser.  It lets me bookmark, highlight, capture, read later and more all while browsing the internet.

I’m excited to use this new tool  for blogging and for organizing teaching ideas. 

Here’s a little preview of what it can easily do.  I bookmarked some free things I found this morning and added tags.  The tags will help you organize your content.  I was then able to specify the bookmarks I wanted to share on my blog by entering a tag and clicking a button to generate the html code for my blog.  Easy! 🙂

Only 2 more days in October and I am counting them down.  The kids are way too excited to focus much.  🙂 Enjoy this list of freebie I compiled for you today!

Exciting stuff! Winner ~ Facebook Frenzy ~ Daily 5 Links

Congratulations, Cathy Hoffart!  You are the winner of the Classroom Friendly Supplies pencil sharpener.  Check your email for the details I need from you.  Thank you to all those who entered!   Classroom Friendly Supplies regularly posts links to other sharpener giveaways — so you can keep trying!  I loved reading all of your responses to classroom organization challenges.  I’ll try to post something soon for us to find tips on these areas and share what works in our classrooms!

Today is the first day of the August Facebook Frenzy.  There are 40 pages in the K-2 category.  That means there are 40 free items up for grabs!  There is also a whole other frenzy for 3-12 + clip art!  You can start at any facebook page and then go from there.  It should take you in a circle through all the participating pages.  Here are a few places to start:

*My Facebook Page  – K/2 Frenzy
* Dancing Crayon Designs – 3/12+clip art Frenzy

Lastly, I’ve been working on creating link collections for Daily 5 downloads.  I’m still working on them, but I wanted to share what I have so far.  If you have some great links for Daily 5 freebies, please leave a comment. 🙂


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July Facebook Frenzy – LOTS of freebies!

The July Facebook Frenzy is here!  For the next few days there will be over 30 freebies available for facebook fans.  You just visit each facebook page and like to download the freebie.  Then click on “next stop” to go to the next page with a freebie.  The first stop in frenzy is at Enlightened Elephant.  Enjoy!