Easy Leprechaun Floats for St. Patrick’s Day

Are you looking for an easy treat for St. Patrick’s Day? Make a leprechaun float! You just need a few ingredients.

Here are a few tips for you:

1) Fill the cup with sherbert. You might want to use shorter cups than the ones pictured.
2) It looks cute with decorative straws, but you’ll also want to serve them with spoons.
3) Enjoy!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

The traps are set!

Was your classroom full of green, rainbows and sparkles this week?  In an earlier post, I shared that I usually don’t do much in the classroom for St. Patrick’s Day.  About a month ago, one of my little ones shared his excitement over the approaching holiday and I thought I’d better do a little something. 🙂  So, all this week we’ve had a mischievous visitor.  He’s very subtle! 🙂  The first day he changed the writing on the white board.  I write the homework/reading assignments on the board using their group color.  He changed it so every group was the green group!  The next day he changed some letters and they almost spelled the word leprechaun.  We think that he doesn’t go to school.  Another day, he left little prints on our entry task.  We weren’t sure if they were footprints or handprints.  The excitement has been growing all week!  Friday morning he left us a tiny ha! ha! on the board and left green leprechaun dust and a plastic shamrock on our desks.  We discovered the leprechaun dust was tasty and reminded most of us of sugar.  One of the tasters was certain that it tasted like grass.  This was also the little skeptic who has been shouting out “it’s teacher” but then saying “hmm, it is suspicious.”  A group of them started collecting the “evidence” and gluing it into their daily editing (entry task) books.  One of them tried to express her idea that we should leave the “evidence” out on their desks.  I quickly stated that this was a bad idea since they could then just get rid of the evidence.  (I’m sure that was the only reason –nothing to do with needing desks cleared off to work!)  I love that it is at this point the student asks what evidence means!  It only mattered when it derailed her plans! 🙂  So, we decided we had to set some traps before we left for the day on Friday.  There were some ADORABLE traps on pinterest, but we went with creative, kid-created uniqueness!  Here are the pics of ours:

We had some green marshmallows.  This one has a marshmallow in the bag and a sign that says “marshmallow shop”.  These were all their ideas!  So cute!

Other kid cuteness of the week came from our writing conferences.  Who knew they could be so entertaining?  I asked one of the students if he liked writing fiction or non-fiction.  This was his response:

I managed to keep a serious face and write it down.  LOL!  The “back in the day” was the best!
We have 2 more weeks until spring break and I am counting down the days!  My youngest son and I were arguing over who is more excited about spring break.  It’s totally me! 🙂  
What special things did you do in the classroom this week?